• Bharat


    Cast:Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff

    Release Date:05 Jun 2019

    Run time:155




    'Bharat' is a journey of a man and a nation together. At the cusp of India's birth as an Independent nation, a family makes an arduous journey to freedom. However, this freedom comes at a cost. An 8 year old boy, Bharat, makes a promise to his Father that he will keep his family together no matter what - a promise that he keeps over the next 60 years of his life, despite each decade throwing a new set of challenges at him - some humorous, some thrilling, some romantic while some life-threatening. His resilience, loyalty and a never dying spirit mirrors the fundamental qualities of our nation - Bharat!

    Movie Time Schedule:

    Wednesday 26 Jun

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