• Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword

    Genre:Animation, Adventure

    Cast:Roland Bearne, Tim Bentinck, Konrad Bösherz

    Release Date:20 Feb 2020

    Run time:77




    Vic, a frail but intelligent young Viking, dreams of going on a raid with his father Halvar, chief of the village of Flake. However, his father doesn’t think his son has the makings of a true Viking and so the little boy has to stay behind along with the other children. Returning from some raucous pillaging, Halvar and his men are mighty proud of themselves. They have brought back a mythical weapon, the Sword of Loki! One day while trying out the weapon, Vic makes an amazing discovery: the sword has incredible powers, it gives off a ray of light that turns everything it touches into gold! Halvar is ecstatic. He is now indisputably the most powerful and wealthy chief in all of Vinland. But his joy is short-lived when Sven-the-terrible, Halvar’s arch-enemy, storms the village with his men and makes off with the magic sword. During the battle, the magic sword transforms Ylva, Vic’s mother, into a statue of gold. To bring her back to life, the mythical weapon must be destroyed in the mount

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