• Martyr Or Murderer


    Cast:Cesar Montano, Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristine, Reyes, Diego Loyzaga, Ella Cruz, Kyle Velino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Isko Moreno

    Release Date:16 Mar 2023

    Run time:107




    Through the eyes of Imee Marcos, Maid in Malacanang chronicles the final days of the Marcos family before they are airlifted out of Malacanang and flown to Hawaii. Following the record smashing success of its prequel Martyr or Murderer recounts what happened to the family before and after EDSA Revolution, A sneak peak of their life in exile and a brave discussion on the intrigues surrounding Imee's exploits in Morocco. Did she go into hiding and forgot the passports ? how did her siblings cope with the sudden turn of events.

    Movie Time Schedule:

    Sunday 26 Mar
    Monday 27 Mar
    Tuesday 28 Mar
    Wednesday 29 Mar

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