• Ramsis Paris


    Cast:Haifa Wehbe, Mohamed Sallam, Mostafa Khater, Hamdy El Marghany, Mohamed Tharwat, Ous Ous, Mahmoud Hafez

    Release Date:20 Apr 2023

    Run time:90




    During the French occupation of Egypt, a love story rises between Isabelle, the daughter of a French general and governor of Rashid city, and Selim a humble Egyptian young man. On the day of her wedding to a French officer, Isabelle runs away. He father, the French general sends orders to search for his daughter and sends her back to France. There, she resorts to a Moroccan magician and asks for his help to bring Selim by any means, after she failed to find him. The magician gives her the so-called shakmajiah, and asks her to send it to Selim to bring him here. Shakmajiah was stuffed & whoever uses it finds himself in the French capital. Isabelle sends Selim the shakmajiah through his friend, and her father knows about it and sends his forces to arrest and imprison Selim. Shakmajiah remains alone over the years, until it falls into the hands of our heroes who’ll use it in our present-day.

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