• Bholaa


    Cast:Ajay Devgn, Tabu

    Release Date:30 Mar 2023

    Run time:152




    Bhola, a prisoner, is finally going home after 10 years of imprisonment to meet his young daughter. His journey gets even more difficult as he gets arrested mid-way and is now forced to drive a truck full of inebriated cops to help them reach their destination and save them from the dangerous gangs who are after their lives. At first, he is not aware of the grave situation he has got himself into but after a crazy incident that takes place, he begins to realize that this is not as simple as it seems and a pathway full of crazy obstacles and death lurking around every corner is waiting for him. He now starts to negotiate with the ACP Diana for his daughter’s life. A barter system takes place for the reputation of the state police v/s a 10-year-old girl Jyoti's future who has lived in an orphanage since birth. Bhola wants nothing more than a good life for his child. So, with all his might, he withstands all the difficulties and does what is needed, knowing this will in turn, secure his d

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